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Not feeling quite like yourself these days? Disconnected? Off balance? What would bring balance back to your life? What does Wellness look like to you?  These are the questions we should all ask ourselves when things don't seem quite right.  The 'what' might be better sleep, or working less hours, or losing weight, or being more creative.  It might mean spending more time with family, getting back into the kitchen, or simply exercising more.  Maybe it's time to work through past issues, mend fences, or give yourself the time and space to know what YOU want for the future

  Wellness means something different for all of us; and living a balanced life isn't one-size-fits-all.  Simple changes are the most profound and transformation happens one step at a time. Yet it's hard to get there, especially if you're not connected to your own inner voice.  Often, we know what we should change, but feel powerless to make the change.  When you focus on yourself, and self-care, you take your power back.  Whatever your  'well', let me support you and let's get you back to YOU.  Below are five one-on-one coaching options that will help you kick-start your transformation, regardless of the amount of time you have to spare. Three are dedicated to food and nutrition, and two focus on uncovering the true path to your wellness journey.

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