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Thai Yoga Bodywork


THAI YOGA MASSAGE uses a combination of leaning pressure, acupressure, reflexology, energy line work, stretching and yoga to re-establish
a healthy balance of energy throughout the body, so it can heal itself.   Descended from two great civilizations with huge influences on Thailand - China and India - Thai Yoga Bodywork roots itself in Buddhism and Ayurveda.  Built on the eastern approach to healing, Thai Yoga assumes that you are 'one piece', and that it's impossible to isolate one part of the body from the whole.   Therefore, all the movements in TYM focus on re-integrating the energetic flow of the body by reaching all the major joints in the legs, arms, back, feet, hands and  working all the energy lines equally, going up and down the body to clear obstructions and free the pathways.
Andréa studied this ancient and sacred healing system under the tutelage of Ananda Apfelbaum.

We do not label disease because all diseases come from the same source -
an imbalance of energy flow throughout the body.


~ Wataru Ohashi


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