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Andrea is one of my fellow teachers, who inspires me on my own journey. She has many of the qualities of a yogini naturally imbedded in her such as Compassion, Kindness, Tolerance, Sensitivity, Encouragment - just to list a few. She is sincere about developing her strong asana and meditation practice. I recommend her to anyone who wants to go deeper in their yoga journey. You will be carefully nurtured!!!   ~Yogi Charu, yoga teacher


Andrea in my opinion is home. She emanates a heart-warming invitation to make you feel welcome and like you've come to the right place to empower your mind, body and soul's haven. She is my journey's source venture of why I began Yoga Teacher Training in order to aspire to inspire.

~ Jenet Burgos, 200-hour graduate

Andrea teaches with clear anatomical accuracy honed by experience and study. She leads with the compassionate authority of a student steeped in decades of embodied practice. She has the uncanny ability to attune to your strengths and weaknesses and helps you improve your ability to see your whole self. 

~Jill Miller, Creator of Yoga Tune Up®, author of The Roll Model

I found my way to the mat for personal healing, growth, and a deeper understanding about my life after a couple of challenging years. Becoming a teacher was an elusive, unformed thought---until I met Andrea, who was the embodiment of what I hoped a yoga teacher would be for each of his/her students.  Her compassion, instinctive understanding of each student's needs, sense of humor about herself and life, but most importantly her obvious joy in passing on all that Yoga has meant to her makes me grateful to have found such an immense mentor in my own yoga journey.
~Yuliana Kim-Grant
, 200-hour graduate / teacher / yoga therapist

Andrea Borrero is a voracious student of all things yoga which makes her a powerful and intelligent teacher. Her classes are a mix of strength and fluidity

and are expertly tailored to suit every students needs. She seamlessly weaves many influences while keeping her own unique voice shining through. 

~Kristin Leal, yoga teacher, founder and director of Kaya Yoga and MetaAnatomy, author of "MetaAnatomy: Anatomy of a Yogi"

Andrea's open heart and incredible spirit is a constant source of inspiration. I consider myself lucky to have studied under her and to have experienced her energy, passion and compassion. Her guidance has been invaluable and unquantifiable as I have started down my own road as a teacher.

~Casey Kenyon, 200-hour graduate


Our work together has been a joy and has helped bring calm to my otherwise crazy life. I look forward to each session and I always leave afterward feeling better than I did when I arrived. In particular, Andrea’s ability to teach and guide gently and with a mix of purpose, warmth and humor is awesome!

I highly recommend her. ~David Sherman, private student, real estate developer



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