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The Full-Well

You know you need to make some changes, but your short on time and thinking about where to make the shift is stressing you out, not to mention how you'll fit it all in.  The Full Well is for you ... in this three-month nutrition education program, I'll work with you on creating the right diet for you over the course of the season, teach you how to create your own meal plans, food prep, and stock your pantry.  You'll have time to incorporate the habits that will make a difference, over a longer period of time to make them stick.

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Package includes:

  • Free health + lifestyle assessment

  • Three months of continuous support with weekly check-ins

  • Personalized eating plans + menus catered to your needs, likes, etc.

  • Weekly shopping lists to support meal plans.

  • Portion size education

  • Macronutrient + calorie education

  • Herbal protocols to support health, where necessary.

  • Behavior modification coaching around food relationships, as needed.

  • Stress resilience techniques to nourish the digestive system.

  • Lifestyle adjustment suggestions to support ongoing wellness goals.

  • Bi-weekly 50-minute sessions on Zoom, Facetime, or by phone.

  • Unlimited text/email support with 24-48 hour turn around.

  • Ongoing emotional + motivational support.

  • Personalized Nutrition Folder with articles/handouts to support your journey.

  • Free entry into the next Seasonal Detox on the calendar.

  • Sign-on Bonus: Food Journal, STORM seasoning

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Plan Cost

Seasonal Detoxers $1300*

Full Well $1395*

*Full payment; or two installments, due at registration and 1/2 way through.

Schedule your first session NOW!

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