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Love Your Kitchen

I get it. Your busy.  And you want to be healthy.  There's never any time in the day to do it all, much less getting into the kitchen to make a meal.   It's easy to grab for the wrong foods when you don't know what to eat and don't know where to start, or when the pantry is low. You need some fast and healthy solutions to get back on track.   I want you to fall (back) in love with your kitchen; I want you to look forward to cooking whole food, plant-based meals for you and your family, every day, that leave you feeling better, with more energy and a healthier relationship to eating.  Try the LOVE YOUR KITCHEN package, a 1/2 day program where I spend the afternoon with you (either in person or virtually) and help you get you kitchen-healthy and ready to rock for the coming months.    I'll get you started on a new menu, a seasonal pantry and shopping list, and food prepping tips as well as teach you how to read labels, shop the grocery aisles with confidence and focus on using the kitchen equipment that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  It's time, isn't it, to Love Your Kitchen.

Making Fruit Salad

Package includes:

  • Free 1/2 hour kitchen assessment

  • Food prep essentials to get you in a better routine.

  • Menu + Shopping List tailored to your needs to get you started.

  • Seasonal produce recommendations for best prices and quality

  • Tutorial and supporting material to learn how to read food labels.

  • Tutorial and supporting material to learn how to shop your grocery store.

  • Pantry, refrigerator, and freezer clean out for optimum health decisions.

  • Equipment Check + Suggestions

  • Sign-on Bonus: Food Journal, STORM seasoning

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