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Yoga Tune Up®


Developed by Jill Miller, YOGA TUNE UP® is an intelligent and deeply effective way to 'tune' the body and ease pain.  Influenced by Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Energetic Anatomy, Yoga Tune Up® focuses on our physical anatomy as a way of preventing and managing injury.  Through the use of massage therapy balls, integrated movements and strengthening techniques, the Yoga Tune Up® method teaches us mastery of our own physicality.  Proprioception is the awareness of the body and its parts in space, as well as the relative strength needed to move.  Yoga Tune Up® is an essential way of achieving this sensitivity to our own movement - once we have that awareness, we can refine our movements, avoid injury, and enhance self-care. Andréa is incredibly grateful to her teacher, Jill Miller, who continues to inspire with her passion for the intelligence contained in the human body.



Live better in your body.

~ Jill Miller


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